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It all started on Christmas morning way back in the 1930's. A young Jack Miller found his first magic set under the tree. That was the beginning of a love affair with magic and illusion that continued for the rest of Jack's life. Jack was a magician, magic trick manufacturer and magic store owner. He was always trying to dream up the next great effect. I, also known as Michelle Zakraysek, started making magic tricks for Jack as a teenager in Syracuse, NY around 1976. Because of Jack, there has always been magic in my life. I always tell people that Jack was still making magic tricks when he was 79, and I fully expect to be making magic tricks when I am 79, as well. Jack Miller was my friend as well as my mentor, and I miss him.

Home and WorkshopThe Jack Miller Enterprises workshop is now located outside of Concord, NC in a clearing in the woods a quarter mile off a country road. Here under Carolina blue skies, Michelle and a few other refugees from Syracuse, NY, toil long hours to produce magic tricks of the highest quality known to man and magician. Okay, we're watching HBO on the 50” plasma TV while we're toiling, but that's none of Our officeyour business. It shouldn't matter to you that we actually enjoy manufacturing the highest quality magic tricks known to magicians and normal people.

All joking aside, our goal is to produce quality magic tricks that live up to the high standards set by Jack Miller himself. Our customers are magic stores and magic distributors. Retail sales are available to individuals. As a small shop, we can offer custom services such as customer's logo on instructions and specific color choices. No minimum order is required.

Have an idea for a new effect? Run it by me. I'm pretty handy - I built this house myself. I can probably make whatever you can dream up in the tissue paper or jeweled rod line. Let's talk about it. Maybe your idea can become the Next Big Thing.

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